Operating Schedule

April 29th , 2023 ~ October 31st
Depending on the snow conditions, the starting date of the operation may change.
※It is closed on Wednesday.

Departure timetable

(Max 38 people/Min required 1 person)
First ride 9:30
Second ride 10:50
Third ride 13:15
Fourth ride 14:40

Please arrive 15 minutes before the departure.

Tour duration is approximately 50 to 60 minutes (40 minutes on land & 20 minutes on water)


Every Wednesday
Other dates:5/2、5/16、7/11、8/8、6/12~6/15、9/4~9/8、10/1、10/3

Reception・Boarding Area

Information center of the Michi-no-Eki Tsugaru Shirakami(Tsugaru Shirakami Tour Desk)
Tashiro aza kanda 219-1, Nishimeya Village, Naka-tsugaru-gun, Aomori
(Enter “Beech Nishimeya” in your car navigation system.)


(Fare per person / consumption tax & insurance fee included)
Adult (junior high students or older)2,500yen
Child (3-year-old children to elementary school students)1,500yen
Infant (0 to ~ 2-year-old children)500yen
Caution: No seats are available for infants. Please hold your infants on the parent’s lap.

Remarks for bus ride

 Please check in 15 minutes before the departure at Shirakami Tsugaru Tour Desk (in the information center of the roadside station Tsugaru Shirakami). If you are late for the departure time, we assume that you cancel your tour on the same day. (Cancellation fee: 100%)
 The amphibious bus is open-air with no window panes. Please wear warm clothes. In addition, the tour will be operated even if it rains. In that case, please bring your raincoat etc. because raindrops will come into the bus. (An umbrella is not allowed to use in the bus.) Since the bus is not equipped with air conditioners, please ride in a dress according to the season.
<For your information>
Wear warm clothes or put a coat on to keep you warm. The amphibious bus runs on land at a speed of 40 to 50 km/h. Generally, when proceeding at 50 km/h, you receive strong wind with a speed of about 14 m/s.
It is said that the feeling temperature drop 1 degree on every 1 meter wind speed increase. You feel the temperature 14 degrees (Celsius) lower than the temperature with no wind.
 You might get wet if you sit on the front-row seats.
 There is no restroom in the bus.
 No drinking, eating or smoking are allowed in the bus. Only bottled drinks with lids are allowed in the bus. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed under any circumstance for the safety and comfort of all passengers.
 There are no dust bins in the bus.
 As there is no space for the luggage in the bus, please secure your belongings by yourself.
 Children (elementary school students and under) need to wear a life jacket. (You can borrow it for free.)
 There are 5 steps of stairs when getting on and off the bus. (Stair height: 5 steps x 30 cm.)
 The bus cannot accommodate your pets. You can bring your service dogs such as guide dogs, but please let us know in advance.
 In consideration of safety, the operation may be suspended and/or cancelled without advance notice due to strong wind, thick fog, typhoon, rising or falling lake water surface level, drift wood and so on.
※If the operation is cancelled, no cancellation fee will be charged. (In case you have completed your payment, we will refund the full amount of money.)
 After tour cancellation, you may switch to the following ride only if there are vacant seats.

Reservation on the internet

(~ 3 days before your boarding day) Check vacant seat・reservation How to make a reservation

On your boarding day

If there are vacant seats, you can get on the bus even on the same day. We sell in the first-come-first-served basis from people who come. You can check the seat availability on the internet. Check seat availability Check seating chart

About refund when the operation is cancelled
We will refund your fare if the operation is cancelled or we return during the tour (before re-landing).
If it is impossible to operate the bus due to machine failure etc. after visiting Dam Lake and re-landing, we will send you to the departure/arrival place by other transportation modes. In that case, there will be no refund.